About the Roids of the Planet Hem

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About the Roids

"Before there was political correctness there was humor...
at everybody else's expense"

You might be asking yourself, what is a roid? Nope. It's not that! Roids are the most dreadful deposit of illegal aliens to dangle from anyone's imagination. The Roids of the Planet Hem is a political satire wrapped around social commentary and dipped in bathroom humor. Roids came from the depths of space to take up residence in the depths of a hidden cave beneath the Hollywood sign, just east of the Griffith Observatory. Roids, fascinated by the human race, try to anal-ize the earthlings' obsession with social engineering and religious bias.

The roids are not the only aliens living here on earth. The grays are long time residents of Area 51. These almond-eyed aliens are known for their artful crop circles, cattle mutilations and late night alien abductions. The grays hold much disdain against the roids and do not hide this fact.

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